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John (Sir) Micklethwaite

b.1612 d.1682
MD Padua(1638) FRCP(1643) MD Oxon(1648)

Sir John Micklethwaite, M.D., was the son of the Rev. Thomas Micklethwaite, rector of Cherry Burton, co. York, [P. Adams 29674 p.232. says Rev. Thomas M. was ejected from living of Cherry (?) Burton, Yorks, 1662] and was baptized at Bishop Burton, on the 23rd August, 1612. He was entered on the physic line at Leyden, 15th December, 1637, and graduated doctor of medicine at Padua, in 1638. He was admitted a Candidate of the College of Physicians 22nd October, 1642, and a Fellow 11th November, 1643. He was incorporated at Oxford, on his doctor’s degree, 14th April, 1648. He occurs as Gulstonian lecturer in 1644; Censor, 1647, 1649, 1651, 1656, 1658, 1662, 1663; Elect, 27th May, 1659; Treasurer, from 1667 to 1675; and President from 1676 to 1681. He was appointed assistant-physician to St. Bartholomew’s hospital, 26th May, 1648; and physician, 13th May, 1653. He was one of the physicians in ordinary to king Charles II., from whom he received the honour of knighthood. “He was,” writes Dr. Goodall, “a man of great eminency and reputation in his profession, especially amongst the nobility, and persons of the best quality in court and city. His piety towards God, and charity to the poor, was very exemplary; and, therefore, no wonder that his death was so universally lamented. I had the honour and happiness to be so intimately acquainted with him, that I cannot give him a less character than what the learned Dr. Caius hath given of Dr. Butte: ‘Vir gravis, eximiâ literarum cognitione, singulari judicio, summâ experientiâ, et prudenti consilio doctor.’ He died in 1682, of an inflammation and gangrene in his bladder, in the 70th year of his age, and was buried in the parish church of St Botolph’s Aldersgate; at whose funeral attended Sir George Ent, the Pæses natus of the College, with the rest of the members, in their formalities.” On his monument was the following inscription:
Heic juxta, spe plenâ resurgendi, situm est
depositum mortale
Joannis Micklethwaite Militis,
Serenissimo Principi Carolo Secundo a Medicis,
Qui, cum primis solertissimus, fidissimus, felicissimus,
in Collegio Medicorum Londinensium
lustrum integrum et quod excurrit
Præsidis provinciam dignissimè ornavit;
Et tandem emenso ætatis tanquillæ studio,
pietate sincerâ,
inconcussâ vitæ integritate,
benignâ morum suavitate,
sparsâ passim philanthropiâ
miserorum asylum,
maritus optimus,
parens indulgentissimus,
suorum luctus,
bonorum omnium amor et deliciæ,
septuagenarius senex,
cælo maturus
fato non invitus cessit
IV kal. Augusti, Anno Salutis MDCLXXXII.
Cætera loquantur
Languentium deploranda suspiria,
Viduarum ac Orphanorum
propter amotum Patronum profundi gemitus,
nudorum jam atque esurientium
importuna viscera.
Monumenta, hoc marmore longè perenniora,
mœrens posuit pientissima conjux.

The fine portrait of Sir John Micklethwaite, in the College dining-room, was presented by Sir Edmund King, M.D., an honorary Fellow of the College on the 30th September, 1682.

William Munk

[Illustration: coat of arms]

[Arms: Morison, Plantarum. Tab.6. Sec.4.]

[See ref in Wisemans Chirugicall treatises and Willis]

(Volume I, page 237)

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