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Joseph Maucleer

b.? d.?
MD Montpelier(1681) LRCP(1689)

Joseph Maucleer, MD, was a French protestant refugee, and a doctor of medicine of Montpelier, of 1681. He was proposed for examination and admission without fees, by Dr Charleton, 1st March, 1688-9; and, having passed the usual examinations, was admitted a Licentiate of the College, in formâ pauperis, 8th June, 1689, under which date there is the following entry: “Dr Mauclare was presented to the College by Mr President (Dr Charleton) and Dr Colladon, as of their knowledge a protestant fled from France for his religion. He brought his diploma from Montpelier, but some of the College moved that hereafter, at least, if any name himself a protestant who comes to be admitted into the College, he should bring certificates of his being such. However, upon the testimony of Mr President and Dr Colladon, Dr Mauclare was accepted to be admitted in formâ pauperis, and was balloted for, there being two negatives, the rest affirmative. He was this day admitted Permissus intra Urbem, and promised to pay future fees, if able.”

William Munk

(Volume I, page 480)

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