Lives of the fellows

Robert Maguire

b.1857 d.12 November 1915
BSc Manch MB Lond(1881) MD Lond FRCP(1889)

Robert Maguire was born at Manchester, the son of John Maguire, and went to Manchester Grammar School. His career as a medical student at Owens College was brilliant. In addition to several prizes, he won the University scholarship and three gold medals when he took the London M.B. degree in 1881. He also studied under Charcot at Paris in 1882. His first appointments were in Manchester, at the Southern Hospital and the Royal Infirmary, and at Owens College, where he lectured on pathology. In 1889, however, he settled in London, becoming assistant physician at St. Mary’s and the Brompton Hospitals. At the former he was given charge of outpatients and became joint lecturer on pathology, and at the latter he rose to be senior physician. An early interest in kidney diseases led him to assist Sir William Roberts in preparing his fourth edition (1885) of Renal and Urinary Diseases. But chest diseases were the main object of his attention, and his Harveian Lectures to the Harveian Society, on The Prognosis and Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis (1900), were published. A breakdown in health followed his retirement in 1912. However, he became a medical examiner of recruits in 1914 and carried on with this work as long as he was able. Maguire was a fine pianist and organist, and acted as honorary physician to the Royal Society of Musicians.

G H Brown

[B.M.J., 1915; Presidential Address to R.C.P., 1916, 23]

(Volume IV, page 337)

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