Lives of the fellows

Ronald Lwin

b.25 October 1921 d.2 March 1971
MB BS Calcutta(1946) MRCP(1950) FRCP(1970)

Ronald Lwin was born in Rangoon, Burma, the son of T.Kyee Lwin, a medical practitioner, and his wife Agnes Chin Tsong, daughter of Lim Chin Tsong, a merchant. He was educated at the Diocesan Boy’s High School, Rangoon University, and Calcutta University where he graduated MB BS in 1946. He took his MRCP in 1950 and was elected a Fellow of the College in 1970.

Lwin held junior posts at Rangoon General Hospital from 1947 to 1950, when he became physician to Mandalay General Hospital. In 1955 he was appointed physician to Rangoon General Hospital. In 1956, as he was particularly interested in cardiology, he went to the United States for postgraduate training under Dr Samuel Bellet at Philadelphia General Hospital. On returning to Rangoon he was appointed cardiologist to his old hospital; being appointed Professor of Medicine, Rangoon University, in 1967. He was deeply interested in the future of medicine in Burma and was active in all aspects of medical administration. He was a member of the Burma Medical Council, Director of the Burma Pharmaceutical Industry from 1961-1963, when he became Chairman of the Medical Committee of the industry. He was President of the Burma Medical Association in 1967, a member of the Administrative Board of the Institute of Medicine, Rangoon, and Councillor, Burma Medical Research Council from 1969. He also published several papers on his specialty.

In 1947 he married Daw Po Po, daughter of Saw Chin Cheng, an inspector of schools, who was herself a doctor. They had two children, a son and a daughter. Lwin was a good sportsman, being interested in golf, tennis and swimming. His other interests were photography and philately.

Sir Gordon Wolstenholme
V Luniewska

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