Lives of the fellows

Perrin Hamilton Long

b.7 April 1899 d.17 December 1965
OBE(1945) BS Michigan(1924) MD Michigan(1924) Hon MD Alger(1941) Hon DSc Hartford(1955) *FRCP(1946)

Perrin Long, a critical admirer of the administration and teaching of British medicine, was born in Ohio, the son of James Wilkinson Long, a physician, and his wife, Wilhelmina Lillian, daughter of Wenceslaus Kautsky, a furniture manufacturer. He was educated at Bryan School, Ohio, and at Michigan University, and held posts at the Boston City Hospital before joining the staff of the Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1929.

In the First World War he served in France and was awarded the Croix de Guerre; in the Second he was a consultant in the Mediterranean area, where his anglophile attitude brought him many British friends, and the deserved recognition of his knowledge of the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases in the O.B.E, and the Legion of Merit.

As chief of medicine to the new School of Medicine, New York Downstate University, in the King’s County Hospital, Brooklyn, from 1951, he showed remarkable ability in administration and, in the last four years of his life, great courage in continuing the editorship of two journals although he had to use a laryngophone because of laryngectomy.

A tireless and enthusiastic worker he had by then served as consultant to four hospitals and to the Veterans Administration, been director of the American Field Service and a member of several committees on food, drugs and antibiotics. Throughout his career his wide knowledge and his contributions to many aspects of infectious diseases and geriatrics were rewarded in honorary degrees, and in 1939 he was elected the first Young Citizen of Baltimore, which gave him its Plaque of Honour.

He enjoyed the hobbies of gardening, bird-watching, fishing and hunting. In 1922 he married Elizabeth Darrow, daughter of Frederick Albert Griswold; they had one son and one daughter.

Richard R Trail

* He was elected under the special bye-law which provides for the election to the fellowship of "Persons holding a medical qualification, but not Members of the College, who have distinguished themselves in the practice of medicine, or in the pursuit of Medical or General Science or Literature..."

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(Volume V, page 246)

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