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Christopher Langton

b.? d.1578
AB Cantab(1542/3) MD FRCP(1552)

Christopher Langton, M.D., probably a native of Yorkshire, was educated at Eton, and elected thence in 1538 to King’s College, Cambridge, where he proceeded A.B. 1542-3. [On the 11th Jan 1545-6 he had a licence from the faculty office of the Archbishop of Canterbury to marry Margaret Chambers of the City of London. Harveian Soc? vol.ixxiv p.6.] He stands in our Annals as a doctor of medicine of Cambridge, and was admitted a Fellow, 30th September, 1552; but on the 17th July, 1558, in the presidency of Dr. J. Caius, was expelled, and, as the following extract from the Annals shows, on ample professional and moral grounds. “1558, xvii. Julii. Christopher Langton exclusus est collegio ob temeritatem, levitatem, et stultam contentionem suam cum collegis in visitationibus ægrotantium, præasentibus arbitris, contra statuta collegii, etiam ter culpæ admonitus: obque vanam gloriam et superbiam quibus passim utitur, et se ridiculum præbet omnibus, contra honorem collegii: et quasdem incontinentiæ notas, quas omitto.” His moral character, says Mr. Cooper, (1) must have been very bad, as on 16th June, 1563, he was, for his incontinency, carted through London in ridiculous attire.

He died in 1578, and was buried in the church of St. Botolph, Bishopsgate [Bishopsgate struck out by Munk, and replaced with ‘Billingsgate’], London. He was the author of –
A very brefe treatise ordrely declaring the principal partes of physick, that is to say: - Thynges naturall, Thynges not naturall, Thynges against nature. Lond., 8vo, 1547.
An introduction into physicke, with an universal dyet. Lond., 8vo, 1547.
Treatise of Urines, of all the colours thereof, with the medicines. Lond
., 8vo, 1552.

William Munk

[(1) Athenæ Cantab., vol. i, p. 397.]

[Letter defending L against Ludford from Gresham to Burghley, 1573. (Hist. Mss. Comm. Salisbury Mss., ii, 55)]

(Volume I, page 51)

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