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John Noble Johnson

b.? d.6 October 1823
AB Oxon(1807) AM(1810) MB(1811) MD(1814) FRCP(1815)

John Noble Johnson, M.D., was born in Buckinghamshire, but was descended from an old and respectable family in Lincolnshire. He was the son of a physician who after many years of active and successful life, and the death of a relative, (the last descendant of one branch of the Nobles of Leicestershire, with whom he was allied on his mother's side,) retired to his native county.

Dr. J. Noble Johnson was educated in Lincolnshire, and at Magdalen hall, Oxford, as a member of which he proceeded A.B. 25th June, 1807; A.M. 2nd May, 1810; M.B. 22nd May, 1811; M.D. 27th January, 1814. He was admitted an Inceptor-Candidate(1) of the College of Physicians 12th April, 1813; a Candidate 30th September, 1814; and a Fellow 30th September, 1815. He was Gulstonian lecturer in 1816, and Censor the same year.

Dr. Johnson was elected physician to the Westminster hospital in 1818, and resigned his office there in 1822. He died at his lodgings in the Albany on the 6th October,1823. We owe to his research an admirable Life of Thomas Linacre, doctor in medicine, physician to king Henry VIII, the tutor and friend of Sir Thomas More, and the founder of the College of Physicians in London: with Memoirs of his cotemporaries, and of the rise and progress of learning, more particularly of the schools from the ninth to the sixteenth century, inclusive, 8vo. Lond., which appeared (in 1835) after the author’s death, under the editorship of Robert Graves, of the Inner Temple, barrister-at-law.

William Munk

[(1) Statute constituting the New Order of Inceptor Candidates.
1812, Sept. 13.— Quandoquidem nonnulli sunt, quibus propter Licentiam ad practicandum in Medicina ab Academia sive Oxo-niensi sive Cantabrigiensi, per totam Angliam præter urbem Londini et intra septem milliaria in circuitu ejusdem per Statuta Regni licet Medicinam exercere, nullâ coram nobis habitâ examinatione ; volumus, præmissis non obstantibus, ut unusquisque eorum qui annum octavum a prima commoratione sua in alterutra Acade-miarum prædictarum compleverit, et annum ætatis suæ vicesimum sextum clauserit, et ea quæcunque de ordine Candidatorum præscripta fuerint, præter Doctoratûs in Medicina gradum, præstiterit postquam in tribus Comitiis sive majoribus sive minoribus, pro arbitrio Præsidentis et Censorum aut eorum majoris partis secundum formam de Candidatis dictam examinatus et approbatus fuerit, admittatur ad Medicinae Facultatem exercendam in urbe Londino et intra septem milliaria in circuiti ejusdem, si ita visum fuerit majori parti Sociorum in Comitiis majoribus praesentium, suffragiis per pilas occulte acceptis: volumus quoque ut locum infra Medicinae Doctores in ordine Candidatorum occupet, nomine Candidati Inceptoris designatus.
Si quis vero ita admissus gradum Doctoris Medicinae in alterutra Academiarum praedictarum intra triennium non susceperit, statuimus et ordinamus illum e Candidatorum ordine excidisse, nisi gravi aliqua de causa alitur visum fuerit majori parti Sociorum in Comitiis majoribus præsentium.]

(Volume III, page 136)

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