Lives of the fellows

Thomas Jeesop

b.? d.1615
MB Oxon(1566) MD(1569) FRCP

Thomas Jeesop, M.D., was probably a son of John Jeesop, rector of Chickerel and Upway, who was buried at Gillingham, co. Dorset, 29th April, 1582. Our physician was educated at Merton College, Oxford, of which house he was a fellow, and proceeded [M.B. 8th July 1566] M.D. 21st November, 1569. He subsequently became a Fellow of the College of Physicians, and an Elect 23rd January, 1588-9. On the 25th February, 1596-7, the College recommended him to the Gresham trustees for the professorship of physic in Gresham college. He left London in 1601 or 1602, as we learn from the following passage in the Annals: 1602, August xii: - “His literis lectis statim itum est ad electionem Electi, in locum DrisJeesop, qui jam dudum discessit cum pannis, ab hâc civitate.”

He had retired to Gillingham, of which parish his brother, John Jeesop, B.D., was the vicar. Dying there in 1615, he was buried in the parish church, where, on the north side of the chancel, is a monument with two cumbent effigies of Dr. Jeesop and his brother. The inscription, which is not on stone, but merely on plaster, painted black, with gilt letters, is now (1861) deficient in many parts. It is given by Hutchins (1) as follows:
THOMAS JESOPE, armiger, in medicinis Doctor, pacis
justiciarius in hoc com. Dor., terrarum publicarum
hujus parcochiæ pene exeptarum recuperator;
Scholaribus collegii Mertoniensis Oxon. benefactor;
Fratribus pater; honestis amicus; pauperibus
beneficus; sepultus 18 die Mensis Octobris annoque
Domini 1615.

William Munk

[(1) Dorset, vol. iii, p.214]

(Volume I, page 74)

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