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Samuel Jebb

b.? d.9 March 1772
BA Cantab(1712) MD Rheims(1728) LRCP(1751)

Samuel Jebb, M.D.—This accomplished scholar was the second son of Samuel Jebb, a maltster of Mansfield, co. Nottingham, and was born either in that town or at Nottingham, but most probably the former. He was destined for the church, and was sent to Peterhouse, Cambridge, as a member of which he proceeded bachelor of arts in 1712. Becoming attached, however, to the non-jurors he left the university, and accepted the office of librarian to the celebrated Jeremy Collier. Shortly after this he married a relation of the wife of Mr. Dillingham, a noted apothecary in Red Lion-square, from whom, on the recommendation of Dr. Mead, he took instruction in chemistry and pharmacy. He had before this made for himself a reputation as an able scholar, and for many years mainly supported himself by his pen. The intervals from these labours he now devoted to the study of physic; and, proceeding to Rheims, there took his degree of doctor of medicine 12th March, 1728. He was admitted a Licentiate of the College of Physicians 25th June, 1751; and settling at Stratford, Essex, practised there with considerable success for some years. Having accumulated a moderate fortune, he retired to Chesterfield, co. Derby, where he died 9th March, 1772, leaving several children, one of whom, Sir Richard Jebb, hart., M.D., will have to be mentioned hereafter. Dr. Jebb’s publications were very numerous. The following will, I believe, be found a tolerably correct list of them:—
Justini Martyris cum Tryphone Dialogus. 8vo. Lond. 1719.
Translation of the Rev. Daniel Martin’s Two Critical Dissertations—I. Upon the 7th verse of the 1st chapter of St. John’s First Epistle.. II. In Defence of the Testimony given to our Saviour by Josephus. 8vo. Lond. 1719.
Proposals for publishing a new edition of the Works of Aristides in Four Volumes. 8vo. Lond. 1720.
Bibliotheca Literaria.

This extended to ten numbers, the first of which appeared in 1722, the last in 1724.
De Vita et Rebus gestis Mariæ Scotorum Reginæ, Franciæ Dotaríæ. 2 vols. Fol.
The History of the Life and Reign of Mary Queen of Scots and Dowager of France; extracted from original Records and Writers of Credit. 8vo. Lond. 1725.
Ælii Aristidis Adriauensis Opera Omnia Græcé et Latiné. 2 tom. Oxon. 4to. 1730.
Johannis Caii Britanni, de Canibus Britannicis, Liber unus—de Variorum Animalium et Stirpium &c. Liber unus—de Libris Propriis, Liber unus—de Pronunciation Græcæ et Latinæ Linguae cum Scriptione Novâ, Libellus, ad optimorum exemplarium fidem recogniti. 8vo. Lond. 1729.
Friar Bacon’s Opus Majus, from a MS. In the Public Library. Fol. Lond. 1733.
Humphr. Hodii de Græcis illustribus, Linguae Graecae, Litera-rumque humaniorum Instauratoribus—Praemittitur de Vita et Scriptis ipsius Humphredi Hodii Dissertatio. 8vo. Lond. 1742.

Mr. Bridges’ MSS. relating to the History of Northamptonshire were confided to the editorial care of Dr. Jebb, who published two parts in folio; but circumstances then occurred to interfere with its completion, and the papers were handed to Mr. Whalley.

William Munk

(Volume II, page 179)

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