Lives of the fellows

Thomas Jameson

b.? d.July 1674
MB Oxon(1664) MD(1668)

Thomas Jameson, MD, was the son of the Rev Thomas Jameson, rector of Shubbington, Bucks, but was born at Ricot, in Oxfordshire. He was educated at Wadham college, Oxford, of which house he eventually became a fellow. He proceeded bachelor of medicine at Oxford 12th October, 1664, and doctor of medicine 9th July, 1668. He was admitted a Candidate of the College of Physicians, 26th June, 1671. Dr Jameson published anonymously, at Oxford, in 1665, a small work, entitled Artificial Embellishments; or, Art’s best Directions how to preserve Beauty or procure it. The author’s name becoming known by the indiscretion of his publisher, he was much ridiculed, and got the sobriquet of “Artificial Embellishments.” He removed from Oxford to London, and thence to Paris, where he died in the month of July, 1674

William Munk

(Volume I, page 360)

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