Lives of the fellows

Frank Harwood Jacob

b.4 October 1872 d.25 November 1952
MD Lond MRCS FRCP(1921)

Frank Jacob was the son of a Royal Navy chaplain. From King’s School, Ely, he was awarded a Warneford entrance scholarship to King’s College Hospital, where he went on to win the Leathes, Warneford and Tanner prizes, among other honours, before qualifying in 1895. He filled house appointments both at King’s and at the General Hospital in Nottingham. He was elected assistant physician to the latter in 1901 and physician five years later. In 1901, also, under the auspices of the Nottingham health committee, he opened a pathological laboratory, which was eventually, in 1920, taken over by the Hospital. He held a second honorary appointment on the staff of the Nottingham Hospital for Sick Children. He retired to Malvern in 1937 but returned to work during the 1939-1945 War, as a deputy for local practitioners. In 1951 he published a valuable and interesting History of the General Hospital near Nottingham. Jacob was a highly competent general physician, indifferent to success, simple in his tastes, deeply sincere in his religion. He died, unmarried, at Malvern.

G H Brown

[Lancet, 1952; B.M.J., 1952; Lyle, 226]

(Volume IV, page 575)

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