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Elihu Jackson

b.27 December 1669 d.1730
Ex LRCP(1694)

Elihu Jackson was the son of Henry Jackson, a quaker, of Kirk Burton, near Huddersfield, and was born there 27th December, 1669. He was admitted an Extra-Licentiate of the College of Physicians 7th July, 1694, and at that time, according to the Annals, was “of Hull,” but he soon removed to Doncaster, where he was for many years in the enjoyment of an extensive medical practice. In 1695 he married, at East Retford, Catherine, the daughter of Mr John Vickers, an attorney, at Doncaster. Soon after this, he conformed to the church of England, and was baptised at Doncaster, 11th May, 1698. He died in 1730, and was buried in Doncaster church on the 12th December, 1730. His memorial, merely his name and the year of his death, was in the church, which was destroyed by fire in 1853. He built Wooldale-hall, in his native parish (Kirk Burton), and at one period of his life resided there for some time. This is extant:-
The Perfect King; an Essay translated from the French of M Chausierges, with Notes and an Index. By Elihu Jackson, MD. 8vo. Lond. 1726.(1)

William Munk

[(1) Information from John Sykes, MD, of Doncaster – An account of Jackson’s family and descendents is to be seen in Morehouse’s History of Kirk Burton.]

(Volume I, page 510)

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