Lives of the fellows

Edward Hulse

b.1630 d.3 December 1711
AM Cantab(1660) MD Leyden MD Oxon(1670) FRCP(1677)

Edward Hulse, MD, was a native of Cheshire, originally of Emmanuel college, Cambridge, as a member of which he commenced AM 1660, but from whence he was ejected for nonconformity soon after the restoration. On the 4th July, 1668, being then thirty-two years of age, he was entered on the physic line at Leyden, where he graduated doctor of medicine, and was incorporated at Oxford 20th December, 1670, on the nomination of the prince of Orange, to whose court he was then physician.

He was admitted a Candidate of the College of Physicians 22nd December, 1675; and a Fellow 22nd December, 1677. He was Censor in 1682, 1691, 1697, 1699; Elect 15th May, 1695; Harveian Orator 1704; and Treasurer from 10th April, 1704 to the 16th April, 1709.(1) The Annals record his death as follows:- “Upon the 3rd of December, 1711, Dr Edward Hulse, Fellow, Elect, and late Treasurer of the College, a person of great skill in the practice of physick, departed this life in his 81st year.” He married Dorothy, daughter of Thomas Westrow, esq and had by her, among others, a son, Edward, who became a distinguished physician, and was created a baronet in 1739.

William Munk

[(1) 1709. April 16. “The former treasurer, Dr Edward Hulse, had the unanimous thanks of the Board for his good administration of the College money, by which he was enabled to discharge £300 of the debt of the College, and he being desirous to lay down that office, the President proposed Dr Clark to be Treasurer.”]

(Volume I, page 397)

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