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Thomas Hood

b.? d.?
AB Cantab(1577/8) AM(1581) MD LRCP(1597)

Thomas Hood, MD, was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, of which house he was a fellow. He proceeded AB 1577-8, AM 1581, and in 1585 had a licence to practise physic from the university. In 1590 he was residing in Abchurch lane, London.(1) Subsequently he took the degree of doctor of medicine, but in what university is not stated. He was cited before the College, and having been examined by the President and the Censors, and approved, was admitted a Licentiate 5th August, 1597. He was better known as a mathematical lecturer and teacher in London, than as a physician. He was the author of -
The Use of the Celestial Globe in Plano, set foorth in two Hemispheres, &c. 4to. London, 1590.
Pet Ramas his Geometrie translated. 8vo. London, 1590.
The Use of Jacob’s Staffe. To this is annexed
The Use of the Crosse Staffe. 4to. London, 1590.
The Use of both the Globes, Cælestiall and Terrestriall, most plainly delivered in forme of a Dialogue. 8vo. London. 1592.
The Mariner’s Guide, set forth in form of a Dialogue, wherein the Use of the plain Sea Card is briefly delivered. 4to. London, 1592.
A Regiment for the Sea, containing verie necessary Matters for all sorts of Men and Travellers, with a Discourse touching the five several Wayes to Cattay. 4to. London, 1596.
The Making and Use of the Geometricall Instrument called a Sector, whereby many necessarie Geometricall Conclusions may be mechanically performed with great expedition, ease, and delight. 4to. London, 1598.

William Munk

[(1) Athenæ Cantab, vol. ii, p.270.]

(Volume I, page 112)

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