Lives of the fellows

Cornwallis Hewett

b.1787 d.13 September 1841
AB Cantab(1820) AM(1812) MD(1822) FRCP(1824)

Cornwallis Hewett, M.D., was born in the East Indies. After a good scholastic education he was entered at Trinity college, Cambridge, and graduated A.B. in 1820. Elected to a fellowship in Downing college, he removed thither, and as a member of that house proceeded A.M. in 1812. He had a licence ad practicandum from the university 14th July, 1814, and in that year was appointed Downing professor of physic. He was admitted an Inceptor-Candidate of the College of Physicians 26th June, 1315, graduated doctor of medicine at Cambridge in 1822, was admitted a Candidate of the College 19th August, 1822, and a Fellow 12th April, 1824. Dr. Hewett was appointed physician to St. George’s hospital 25th March, 1825, but resigned that office in 1833. On the 20th January,1832, he was gazetted physician-extraordinary to the king. Dr. Hewett died at Brighton 13th September,1841, aged fifty-four.

William Munk

(Volume III, page 280)

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