Lives of the fellows

George Ernest Herman

b.8 February 1849 d.11 March 1914
MB Lond LSA FRCS(1875) FRCP(1885)

G. E. Herman was born at Kilwarlin in Ireland, the son of Rev. G. L. Herman, and was brought up there and at Chatham and Gravesend, being educated privately. He was a student at the London Hospital and qualified in 1870. Having held a number of junior appointments at the City of London Hospital for Diseases of the Chest and at the London Hospital, he was elected assistant obstetric physician to the latter in 1876, a year after he had taken the F.R.C.S. He became obstetric physician and lecturer on midwifery in 1883, and also acted as physician to the General Lying-In Hospital and the Royal Maternity Charity. He was president of the Obstetrical Society of London from 1893 to 1895 and an Examiner in midwifery for the Conjoint Board and Oxford, Cambridge, London, Durham and Victoria Universities. He was, however, known to the profession chiefly on account of his publications, amongst which Difficult Labour (1894) and Diseases of Women (1898), written in a characteristically lucid, if occasionally archaic, style, each gained a wide popularity. In his written works, as in his teaching, Herman was not afraid to draw conclusions from his own clinical experience. In his earlier years, he proved a skilful operator at a time when obstetric physicians were beginning to undertake operations hitherto performed by general surgeons. A quiet, solidly built man, gifted with a sense of humour, he was a well-loved figure in the hospital wards, despite an occasional disconcerting abruptness of manner. In 1903, at a farewell dinner in the London Hospital, he began his speech with the words, " As has been well said, there is more joy over one senior that resigneth, than over ninety and nine just appointed persons". In 1913, Herman, whose chief hobbies were golf and reading, finally retired to Cam in Gloucestershire, where he died. He married in 1884 Emily Gibbings of Chichester, by whom he had four sons and a daughter.

G H Brown

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(Volume IV, page 302)

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