Lives of the fellows

Michael Redmond Hayes

b.22 August 1914 d.1 August 1992
MRCS LRCP(1939) MB BS Lond(1941) MRCP(1941) FRCP(1973)

Michael Hayes was born in County Cork, Eire, where his father - also Michael Hayes - was a civil servant. His mother Alice Mary, née Gibney, was the daughter of a police officer. He was educated at St Joseph’s College, Croydon, and studied medicine at St George’s Hospital medical school, University of London. After graduation he held posts as casualty officer, house physician and medical registrar at St George’s before joining the RAMC in 1945. He saw service in India and was demobilized in 1947. He married Adelaide Sarah Barr in 1942 and they had three children; two sons and a daughter.

On return to civilian life he joined the medical division of the then Ministry of Pensions and spent the rest of his working life in the medical civil service. In his early days he was concerned only with individual war pensions but promotion brought him into more central involvement with policy formation and administration. As the welfare state developed more benefits were introduced to alleviate the effects of disablement, to help those who were incapable of earning a living and to provide assistance with personal care.

In 1971 he was promoted to principal medical officer in the Department of Health and Social Security, his work being on the social security side of the department (now the DSS). He was involved in the formulation of policy, the establishment of proper criteria, the processing of administrative procedures and their application to individual cases. He represented the medical interests in the tripartite interface of medicine, law and administration - which have a common objective but different ways of getting there. Needless to say, Michael Hayes had a very extensive knowledge of the clinical needs of disabled people, of the niceties and legal finesse of medical adjudicative procedures and even of the likely response of the Treasury to projected developments.

He retired from the civil service in 1979 and did not continue with any further professional work. Outside his work his interests lay in astronomy and photography.

D F Rice

(Volume IX, page 230)

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