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Mansour Ali Haseeb

b.1 January 1910 d.29 September 1973
DKSM Khart(1937) Dip Bact Lond(1943) FC Path(1965) FRCP(1969)

Mansour Ali Haseeb was born in the Sudan, the son of Sheikh Ali Haseeb, a judge, and his wife Fatma Mohamed, daughter of Mohamed Farag, an army officer. He was educated at Atbara School and Gordon Memorial College, Khartoum. His medical education was pursued at the University of Khartoum and Khartoum Civil Hospital. Following qualification in 1934 he became interested in bacteriology and parasitology, which was to be his major contribution in his medical career. After house appointments at Khartoum Civil Hospital and Dongola, Haifa, Singa and Geneina Hospital, he concentrated on bacteriology and was appointed Director of Research, Sudan Ministry of Health, in 1952. In 1963 he became Professor of Bacteriology and Parasitology, and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Khartoum. He wrote several papers on parasitic infections and contagious diseases common to the Sudan, and was editor of the Sudan Medical Journal from 1948-1958.

In 1960 he was honoured by HIM the Emperor of Ethiopia with the Ethiopia star, and further honoured by the United Arab Republic in 1962, receiving the Istihgag decoration.

He married, in 1944, Fatma El Bereir, daughter of Sheikh Mohamed Ahmed El Bereir, and they had five sons and two daughters. His leisure pursuits included tennis, and translation from English into Arabic.

Sir Gordon Wolstenholme
V Luniewska

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