Lives of the fellows

Joannes Juda Groen

b.18 November 1903 d.16 June 1990
MD Amsterdam *FRCP 1968

Joannes Juda Groen was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where his father Andries Groen was a diamond cutter. His mother Grietje, née Kool, was the daughter of Isaac Kool, a grocer. After his early education at local schools, he entered the University of Amsterdam to study medicine and undertook his clinicals at Binnengasthuis Hospital. After spending a research year in the UK, where he worked at the Middlesex Hospital and St Bartholomew’s Hospital, he served as house physician to the Binnengasthuis from 1929-30 and was appointed senior registrar in 1931. He subsequently spent a year as a research associate at Boston City Hospital, USA, and on his return to Amsterdam was appointed a junior physician in the university department of medicine at the Wilhelmina Gasthuis. He married Elisabeth Privé in 1940; there were no children of the marriage.

With the advent of the second world war and the occupation of The Netherlands, Groen was dismissed from his university and hospital positions but continued to work secretly in the laboratory of the Netherlands Cancer Institute. He also gave lectures and seminars to medical students. After the war he returned to the Wilhelmina Gasthuis as senior physician. In 1958 he left The Netherlands for Israel, to take up the chair of internal medicine at the Hadassah University and Medical School, Jerusalem. Before leaving, the Order of the Netherlands Lion was bestowed upon him by Queen Juliana in recognition of his service to public health. In Israel, Groen continued his research and clinical work in this field. He was elected a Fellow of the College under Bye-Law 39b.

His leisure interests included the history of medicine, forestry, ornithology, philosophy and religion.

V C Luniewska

* Elected under the special bye-law which provides for the election to the fellowship of "Persons holding a medical qualification, but not Members of the College, who have distinguished themselves in the practice of medicine, or in the pursuit of Medical or General Science or Literature.."

(Volume IX, page 214)

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