Lives of the fellows

Thomas Francis

b.? d.1574
MA Oxon MB MD(1554) FRCP(1560)

Thomas Francis, M.D., a native of Chester, educated at Christ Church, Oxford. "After he had taken the degree of M.A. (says Wood) he applied his studies to the theological faculty, but the encouragement thereof being in these days but little, he transferred himself to the school of physicians, and, with the consent and approbation of Dr. Wryght, the vice-chancellor, was entered on the physic line 4th August, 1550. In the year after I find him supplying the place and office of the King's professor of physick, being, I presume, only deputy of Dr. John Warner." On the 9th March, 1553, he was admitted M.B., and M.D., 9th May, 1554. He was admitted a Fellow of the College of Physicians 21st October, 1560, at the comitia specially convened for that purpose. He is termed in the Annals "Vir probus atque doctus, et eâdem universitate (Oxon) prælector publicus medicinæ." He was Censor in 1561, 1562, 1563, 1564; was provisionally named Elect 30th September, 1562, in place of Dr. John Clement, a second time gone abroad; but was definitely appointed to that office 12th May, 1564. He was President of the College in 1568, and Consiliarius in 1571. Wood tells us that he succeeded Hugh Hodson in the Provostship of Queen's College in 1561, and that he was subsequently physician to Queen Elizabeth, and much respected by her. [Francis - he was sent by the Queen to Mary Queen of Scots in 1569 and reached Whigfield (?) on the 22 May. He remained some time there and attended the Earl of Shrewsbury through a very severe attack of ague with which he was seized on his return with the Scottish Queen from Chatsworth to which place the Queen with the assent of Dr Francis had been transferred for a month for change of air &c.. Leader's Mary Queen of Scots in Captivity 8oo Sheffield 1880 pp. 65-68, 69-70, 73.] [His will 1574 (41 Martyn) is at Somerset House. It points to some connection with the Marbeck family in Mr J.C.C. Smith's Notes.]

William Munk

[P: State Papers June/59. Dr. F. had access to Mary Queen of Scots in her illness. Wrote to Sir Thomas Cecil re health of Lord Shrewsbury. Mention re plot against Queen by Arundel (Hist.Mss.Comm., Salisbury Mss.,i,436).]

(Volume I, page 61)

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