Lives of the fellows

John Francis

b.? d.?

John Francis, M.D. – The only mention I find of him in the Annals is as Consiliarius, in 1523. The date of his death is uncertain, but I am satisfied he was not alive in 1541. The records for the preceding ten years are so defective, that he may have died at any period between 1531 and 1541.(1)

William Munk

[(1) “Ab anno D’ni 1531 ad 1541 quid actum sit in collegio, quis ei præsidebat, qui consuluerunt, qui censores fuere non extat: nisi quod interea temporis assumpti sunt in collegium, anno 1536 Joanes Fryar, Jo. Burges, et Rob. Huyc, doctores.” – Annales i.]

(Volume I, page 22)

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