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William Austin

b.? d.21 January 1793
AB Oxon(1776) AM(1780) MB(1782) MD(1783) FRCP(1787)

William Austin, M.D., was born in Gloucestershire, and educated at Wadham college, Oxford, as a member of which he proceeded A.B. 9th November, 1776; A.M. 8th July, 1780; M.B. 12th February, 1782; M.D. 4th February, 1783. He was elected physician to the Radcliffe infirmary 9th April, 1783, and with unexampled rapidity attained to extensive practice in Oxfordshire. Ambitious of a wider sphere for his exertions, he in 1786 resigned his office at the infirmary and removed to London, where a similar but more brilliant success attended him than in his former situation, his professional receipts soon exceeding four thousand pounds a year. He was admitted a Candidate of the College of Physicians 30th September, 1786; a Fellow, 1st October, 1787; was Censor in 1788; and Gulstonian lecturer in 1790. Dr. Austin was elected physician to St. Bartholomew’s hospital 10th August, 1786; but was suddenly cut off by fever on the 21st January, 1793. (1) His only published work was—

A Treatise on the Stone, its Origin and Component Parts. 8vo. Lond. 1791.

William Munk

[(1) Non possum quin uni, vobis fere omnibus familiari, cujus et ego consuetudine usus sum, Austino, memoris animi testimonium afferam. Conspiciebatis eum ingenio acutum, moribus suavem, studio indefessum; conspiciebatis, iter quod ad famam ducit arduum, non, ut plerosque, ægre scandentem, sed quasi cursu conficientem; conspiciebatis denique de tantâ spe, subito, morte nimis acerbâ, dejectum.—Oratio Harveiana anno M.DCCXCVII. habita, auctore Rob. Bourne]

(Volume II, page 377)

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