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Arthur Brooke (Sir) Faulkner

b.1769 d.23 May 1845
Kt AB Cantab(1805) AM(1805) MB Oxon(1806) MD(1806) FRCP(1808)

Sir Arthur Brooke Faulkner, M.D., was born in Ireland, and was the youngest son of Hugh Faulkner, esq., of Castletown, co. Carlow. After the usual scholastic course, he was entered at Trinity college, Dublin, where he took the first degree in arts, and then applied himself to the study of medicine, which he pursued principally at Edinburgh. In 1805 he was incorporated at Cambridge on his bachelor’s degree, and in the same year proceeded A.M. as a member of Catherine hall. He was admitted ad eundem at Trinity college, Dublin, and as a master of arts of Dublin was incorporated at Oxford, where as a member of Pembroke college he graduated M.B. 11th July, 1806; M.D. the day following, 12th July, 1806. He was admitted a Candidate of the College of Physicians 23rd March, 1807, and a Fellow 11th April, 1808.

He had early entered the medical department of the army, and passed rapidly through the different grades of that service until he attained the rank of physician to the forces. He served with the army in Spain, Holland, Sicily, and Malta, and on his return from the island last-named was, on the 23rd February, 1815, knighted for his services, when he retired from military me and settled in Cheltenham. Sir Arthur Faulkner was one of the physicians in ordinary to the duke of Sussex. He died at his residence, Evington, near Cheltenham, 23rd May, 1845, aged sixty-six.

He was the author of—
Considerations on the Expediency of Establishing an Hospital for Officers on Foreign Service. 8vo. 1810.
A Treatise on the Plague, designed to prove it contagious, with Observations on its Prevention, Character, and Treatment. 8vo. Lond. 1820.
Rambling Notes and Reflections suggested during a Visit to Paris in the Winter of 1826-27. 8vo. Lond. 1827.
Reply to some Clerical Observations taken against his Rambling Notes on the Discipline of the Church, with a Glimpse in passing at St. James’s Hall. 8vo. Lond. 1828.
A Letter addressed to the College of Physicians on their Constitution and Charter; with prefatory Observations to the Duke of Wellington. 8vo. Lond. 1829.
A Visit to Germany and the Low Countries in 1829-30-31 and 1833. 2 vols. 12mo. Lond. 1833.
A Letter to Lord Brougham and Vaux,presenting Rambling Details of a Tour through France, Switzerland, and Italy; with some Remarks on Home Politics. 12mo. 1837.
A Letter to the Most Reverend the Archbishop of Canterbury. 8vo 1840.

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