Lives of the fellows

John Hawker (Sir) English

b.1788 d.25 June 1840
Kt MD Gottingen(1814) MD Aberd(1823) LRCP(1823)

Sir John Hawker English, M.D., was bred a surgeon, and as such entered the service of the king of Sweden, and became surgeon-in-chief of the Swedish army, for his services in which capacity he was decorated with the order of Gustavus Vasa in 1813, and was knighted by the Prince Regent in 1815. Sir John English had graduated doctor of medicine at Gottingen, 3rd March, 1814; he did so also, at Aberdeen, 26th May, 1823; and was admitted a Licentiate of the College of Physicians. 25th June, 1823. He resided at Warley-house, Essex, but died at St. Leonard’s-on-Sea, 25th June,1840, aged fifty-two.

William Munk

(Volume III, page 276)

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