Lives of the fellows

William Coverdale Beaty Eatwell

b.20 March 1819 d.7 August 1899
MD Glasg FRCP(1873)

William Eatwell’s father was a captain in the East India Company’s naval service, and Eatwell himself was born at Byculla, Bombay. For his medical education, he went first to Glasgow University, where he took his degree at the age of twenty-one, and then to Montpellier, Giessen, and University College, London. He joined the Bengal Medical Service as an assistant surgeon in 1841 and served in the Chinese War of 1842-44 and the First Sikh War of 1845-46. Thereafter, for some ten years, he held civilian posts as civil surgeon at Pubna and Ghazapore and as opium examiner for the Benares Opium Agency, in which capacity he contributed articles on the preparation of opium to the Pharmaceutical Journal and Transactions (1851-52). For the last four years of his career (1857-61) he was principal of the Calcutta Medical College, professor of materia medica and clinical medicine, and physician to the College Hospital. Under his rule, the College flourished exceedingly. He was a cultured as well as an able man, a critical lover of music, and an artist of some ability. He retired in 1863 to St. Leonards, where he died.

G H Brown

Presidential Address to R.C.P., 1900, 25; Roll of I.M.S., 120]

(Volume IV, page 212)

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