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John Dufray

b.? d.?
MD Montpelier(1668) LRCP(1688)

John Dufray, MD, was a native of Tours, and a doctor of medicine of Montpelier, of 1668. He was a French protestant refugee, who, as the Annals say, “lost all he had by the persecution in France.” He applied to the College on the 5th June, 1688, praying “to be examined and admitted, and to have his subscription money forgiven, which was readily agreed on, in favour to such a distressed protestant.” He was admitted a Licentiate of the College, 1st October, 1688: “Viro eruditissimo Doctori Dufray e Galliâ ob Reformatæ Religionis professionem fugienti, post tres examinationes approbato et hodiè in ordinem Licentiatorum admisso, solutiones Collegio debitæ charitatis ergo, nemine contradicente, remittuntur.”

William Munk

(Volume I, page 478)

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