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Julius Dreschfeld

b.October 1846 d.13 June 1907
MD Wurzburg(1867) LRCP(1869) BSc Vict FRCP(1883)

Julius Dreschfeld was born at Niederwären in Bavaria, the fifth son of Samuel Dreschfeld, a prosperous Jewish merchant, and his wife Giedel. His early education took place at Bamberg but in 1861 he went to live with a relative at Manchester and entered Owens College. He won a prize for chemistry and a mathematical scholarship there and then began to study for his future career at the Royal School of Medicine. He completed his training at Würzburg, paying particular attention to Virchow’s teaching on pathology and graduating in 1867, having interrupted his studies in the previous year to serve as an assistant surgeon with the Bavarian army during the Austro-Prussian War.

In 1869, having qualified as an L.R.C.P, Dreschfeld settled in Manchester. His first appointment, in 1872, was at the Hulme Dispensary, and a year later he was elected assistant physician to the Royal Infirmary. He became full physician in 1883 and consulting physician in 1905, and also received appointments at the Skin Hospital and Christie Cancer Hospital. In 1876 he became lecturer on pathology at Owens College—a post that was given the status of a chair in 1881—and in 1891 professor of medicine. He examined for Cambridge University. He delivered the Bradshaw Lecture at the Royal College of Physicians in 1886 and was invited to give the Lumleian Lectures of 1908. Dreschfeld, who excelled as a lecturer on pathology and organised one of the first pathological laboratories in England, was especially interested in the pathology of diseases of the nervous system. But he was also a well-equipped general physician and wrote articles on endocarditis, gastric and duodenal ulceration and typhoid fever for Allbutt’s System of Medicine. He acquired a huge consulting practice in Manchester and the north that left him little leisure for other interests. He found time, however, to attend the Halle concerts regularly. He married firstly, in 1888, Selina, daughter of Felix Gaspari of Berlin, by whom he had two sons and two daughters, and secondly, in 1905, Ethel, daughter of Dr. James Harvey Lilley of Leamington. He died at his house in Withington.

G H Brown

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(Volume IV, page 292)

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