Lives of the fellows

Richard Dew

b.? d.?
BA Oxon(1561) MA(1563) BM(1570)

Richard Dew – I am not sure whether he ought to be considered as one of the College, whether, in fact, he ever took up his abode in London, and was admitted. The following is the only entry I can find: - “1582, Dec. xxii. Richardus Dew, Oxoniensis, examinatus est, omniumque consensu approbatur. De quo conclusum est, ut quamprimum huc accesserit ut hic habitet, et commoretur, in permissorum numerum cooptetur observatis illis conditionibus quæ a permissis observari debent.” [He was of Christchurch Oxford BA 7? July 1561 MA 26 July 1563. He supplicated for BM & leaves to practice in April 1570, and was admitted thereto 10 July 1570. Boases’ Register of the University of Oxford Vol.1 p.243 & 316?]

William Munk

(Volume I, page 85)

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