Lives of the fellows

Thomas Crow

b.1671 d.11 August 1751
MB Cantab(1694) MD(1699) FRCP(1708)

Thomas Crow, M.D., was of Caius college, Cambridge, as a member of which he proceeded bachelor of medicine 1694; doctor of medicine 1699. He was admitted a Candidate of the College of Physicians 22nd December, 1707, and a Fellow 23rd December, 1708. He was Censor in 1713 and 1720. Dr. Crow in 1720, being then senior censor, gave to the college the clock now in the reading-room, then valued at 30l. He took a very active part in the preparation of the Pharmacopoeia Londinensis of 1746; and at his own cost furnished every member of the College with a printed copy, first of the original draft of the work; and subsequently of it as finally agreed on by the committee for presentation to the College. Dying 11th August, 1751, aged eighty, he bequeathed to St. Luke’s hospital (of which he was vice-president) 400I.; to St. Thomas’s and Christ’s hospitals 100l. Each ; and to the College of Physicians 50l, and his library of Greek and Latin books, a very choice collection.(1)

William Munk

[(1) The following are clauses from his will:—" I give to the College of Physicians 50l. In consideration of some loss sustained by them by a tenant of my recommending." " I, Thomas Crow, do make this codicil to my last will and testament. I give to the President and College of Physicians in London and their successors for an addition to their library such of my printed books only as have no English in them and as they have not already in their library; and if they like any copies of the printed books in my library better than the printed books of the like kind now in the college library, or if mine be better copies, though they have them already (I mean such as have no English), I give unto the College, to be chosen by Dr. Letherland, Dr. Hall, and Dr. Reeve, or any of them, within three months after my decease and after they have chosen for the College, as I doubt not they will do very fairly, I give all the remainder of my printed books as have no English in them I give them to my good friend, Mr. Paul of Cannon-street, London, surgeon]

(Volume II, page 23)

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