Lives of the fellows

John Craige

b.? d.January 1654/5
MD FRCP(1617)

John Craige, Jun, MD, was the son of Dr John Craige, a Fellow of the College, and physician to James I, and to his successor, Charles I, both before and subsequent to his accession to the throne. Being then physician to the king, he was proposed and elected a Fellow of the College of Physicians, 3rd December, 1616, but was not sworn and admitted until June, 1617. Dr Craige stands among the Socii Absentes in 1630, but he was again in London in 1637. He died in January, 1654-5, and was buried in the church of St Martin’s-in-the Fields.(1)

William Munk

[(1) Hamey, in his Bustorum aliquot Reliquiæ speaks thus of Dr Craige and his father, before mentioned (page 116):- Joannes Craig senior juniorque Patriâ hic et ille Caledonius uterque instituto medicus et dignitate Archiater. Ille Regis Jacobi, hic Caroli cum princîpis tum regis. Ille electorum primus post Præsidem, hic primus ab illis in nostræ Pharmacopæiæ prima edition. Cætera me latent, præter ultima junioris qui rure senectam diem obiit mense Januarii 1654-5.”]

(Volume I, page 170)

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