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Martin Corembek

b.? d.?
MD FRCP(1555-6)

Martin Corembek, M.D., a doctor of medicine of Bologna, incorporated at Oxford, was admitted a Fellow of the College 10th January, 1555-6. He was never appointed to any college office, and there is reason to believe that he practised in Norfolk, probably at Norwich. At any rate, Dr. Walker, one of our Fellows, was summoned to appear before the College, to answer several things objected against him by Dr. Corembek, he (Dr. Walker) having examined and admitted some physicians in Norwich and Norfolk, and extorted above two hundred marks from several empirics in those parts, whom he had licensed to practise. Dr. Walker was fined for not appearing, and letters were written by the College to Dr. Corembek, to authorise him to cite those empirics to appear before the College, in order to their due punishment.(1)

William Munk

[(1) 1570, Maii ii. Decretum est, ut Dr. Walker, in Collegium accerseretur, ad respondendum iis, quæ illi objicerentur, de examinatione et admissione medicorum Norvici et in Norfolciâ; sed recusavit venire, admonitus per bedellum. (ANNALES, i, p.51.)
1570, Junii xxvj. Martinus Corimbecke affirmavit, D. Georgium Walker sibi corrasisse ex empiricis ultra ducentas marcas argenti, et hoc se probaturum coram in Collegio post festum S. Michaelis pollicetur. (p.52.)
1570, x. calend. Januarii. Decretum est, ut Georgius Walker, Dr., unus ex Collegis, afficiatur pœna quadraginta solidorum, quod accersitus à D. Syminges præsidente anno superiori, et à nobis postea hoc anno per bedellum, ad Collegium venire recusavit, accusatus repetundarum et pecuniæ extortæ ab indoctis quibusdam empiricis, quibus medicinam factitandi facultatem concessit. Literæ eodem tempore communi concensu scriptæ sunt ad D. Martinum Corinbec, qui supradicto D. Walker hoc crimen objiciebat, authoritasq. illi concessa est, ut prædictos empiricos indoctos curaret ad Collegium transmittendos, quô pro meritis supplicio afficiantur. (p.53.)]

(Volume I, page 55)

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